Freitag, 5. Mai 2017

CIMC Vehicles Europe continues its expansion course

It broadened its product portfolio for a more efficient freight transport
The swap body “cimboxx” with flat walls and high quality cathodic dip-paint surface coating is the newest addition to the product line of CIMC Vehicles Europe GmbH.

CIMC is an established listed company on the global market with its headquarters in Shenzhen, China. The company is the world’s biggest manufacturer and market leader of sea containers. More than 60,000 employees are working in over 280 companies at more than 50 locations world-wide. 

Freight transport vehicles in various designs and for diverse ranges of application are an important mainstay within the corporate group. According to a study performed by ACT Research, Columbus, with an annual sales quantity of over 100,000 vehicles, CIMC Vehicles is the global market leader for semitrailers. In Europe the known brands “LAG“ in Belgium and “SDC“ in Northern Ireland and England are, among others, part of the CIMC Vehicles Group.

To enhance the activities on the European market a subsidiary, the CIMC Vehicles Europe GmbH, was founded in the Bavarian city of Illertissen. From there are not only the sales in Germany but also the production in the Polish factory in Gdynia coordinated.

To expand the product line and to meet the continuously rising demand CIMC Vehicles also offers as of now swap bodies with flat walls. The quality of the product complies with the high European requirements. For this purpose CIMC invested in elaborate and state-of-the-art cathodic dip-paint coating systems (KTL) and powder coating technology in the parent company. 

The final assembly of the swap bodies is performed in the Polish production facilities in Gydnia which is near the seaport. The container semitrailers and flatbed semitrailers are also manufactured at this plant.

CIMC Vehicles Europe presents itself to trade professionals at the transport logistic in Munich. Aside from a swap body with flat walls at the booth in Hall A6 a multifunctional container chassis is displayed in the yard in front of the hall. 

Additional info about CIMC
CIMC l Vehicles Europe is a European subsidiary of the listed CIMC corporation with headquarters in Shenzhen, China. CIMC is the global market leader for containers with an annual capacity of round about two million units. In addition, with approx. 100,000 vehicles is the company the world’s biggest manufacturer of semitrailers. CIMC produces at more than 50 locations around the world with over 60,000 employees and generates a turn-over of almost 8 billion Euro. Part of CIMC-Vehicles Europe in Europe are among others the companies SDC Trailers in Northern Ireland and England and LAG in Belgium.  

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